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Welcome to the
Warbird Information Xchange

The Warbird Information Xchange, or WIX for short, was started in 2001. A part of the Warbirds Resource Group, the Warbird Information Xchange is a place for Warbird enthusiasts to get together and share experiences, stories, pictures and to develope friendships.

After 10 years we have grown into a wonderful community that has access to nearly any bit of information about warbirds you can imagine. Individually we know alot, together we know everything.

The rules are relatively few and easy to follow. In general just be nice and civil. So please, come inside and join our community.


WIX Archives
      Archives from first generation of WIX from 2001-2004
WIX Technical Manual Library
      The intial generation of the Military Technical Manual Onlin Initiative. This section was an
      experiment that was shelved for awhile but it is still scheduled to be overhauled and new
      manuals added in the future. If you have an electronic copy of a manual please contact us.
WIX Member Sites
      An old listing for members websites, retired in 2004.
WIX Downloads
      A selection of databases provided by WIX members on a variety of subjects.
WIX Member Area
      An old members area for pictures and whatnot, retired in 2004.