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But our hearts were strong and well written B-25

Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:03 am

I ran across this story on a Latino website and thought I’d pass it on to the eggschange for the sake of nostalgia that is in all of us. The story originally in Spanish, was translated by the Net, so bear with the “broken” English.


Year 1966 ...
One day, the village of sergeants, observe which side of the runway threshold, some planes were being deposited for scrap.
was mostly the B-25.
could be ?? How
To us, these planes should be eternal because of their scale, the size, the beauty of its design.
For years we have seen these planes take off this track, various, one beside the other missions in maneuvers or in the festivities.
!! is not possible ... .la these heroes were alone, complete, ready for dismantling.
But it was not so ....
We, the children of sergeants, organize ourselves and headed for the runway where the planes were. Access to the aircraft was by dirt road that skirt the town, down the armory Base, cross the railroad tracks that led to the military base, crossed the woods and arrived.
was not possible someone in observing Base and enjoyed farewell to these heroes.
Each in his plane, the pilot joked and combat.
Booth was complete, with all clocks and radio.
engines alongside, for us, were alive and full of vigor and our mouths imitated the noise of the engines, machine guns, etc.
Inside the plane, we passed over the "box bombs," a very small space and were going to the rear of the plane.
We will never forget the smell of the plane, the smell of wires, gasoline, grease.
Towards the B-25 in our small hands, proud to handle it and know that many, many airmen also wielded.
All of us, exited the aircraft sad and parted them.
days later, some trucks removed the aircraft's location and our hearts were with them in that corner, we all have the corner of nostalgia.
In their place, in front of the Squadron 1/10 GAV came the B-26.
But our hearts were strong and well written B-25
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