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Toledo water advisory

Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:45 pm

For those who don't know, a severe algae bloom in Lake Erie has gotten into the Toledo water inlet causing toxin levels to be almost twice the limit for consumption. We cannot cook, drink, brush our teeth, or give to pets the water as of 1:00 am today. As you can imagine all stores were sold out of water within hours. Thankfully trucks loaded with bottled water were redirected from all over Ohio to Toledo. We have also had private citizens from rural areas bring tankers full of well water to distribute to people. Most of the water shipped in has been given out and local stores have restocked shelves for now. This story has made national news due to the nature of the story. The algae is from run off of chemicals used on farmlands as well as run off from industrial sites along the shoreline including parts of Canada.
At last report there were about 60 people sick from ingesting the water. As you can imagine all of northern Ohio's elected officials are on hand brainstorming. Its been a very long day and tomorrow looks like it also will be. Anyone in the area please do what you can to help others.
Thank you
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