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Since people seem to think that the off-topic section is for political discussion, something that is frowned upon, I have temporarily closed the section. ANY political discussions in any other forum will be deleted and the user suspended. I have had it with the politically motivated comments.
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Free stuff

Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:35 pm

Its time for me to start down sizing so I'm giving away paperbacks and a video for free. The video Ihave is called "B-17's Over Memphis" It was made in 1987 when the Memphis Belle was dedicated in the outdoor pavillion along the Mississippi River. Go back 27 years when Aluminum Overcast was named Chief Oshkosh, Chuckie was owned and flown by Doc Hospers, David Tallichet was flying his B-17, Fuddy Duddy was owned by the Natl Warplane Museum and N17W was still flying! Unfortunately the video is in VHS format. Ancient I know. The paperbacks I have are: The Terrible Hours by Peter Mass, 13 Cent Killers;The 5th Marine Snipers in Vietnam by John Culbertson, Torpedo Junction; the U-boat War off America's east Coast by Homer Hickam, and Panzer Commander by Hans von Luck. Drop me a PM if interested. FYI, I'm having minor surgery tomorrow so it wont be till next week when I can get these things in the mail.
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