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This is the place where the majority of the warbird (aircraft that have survived military service) discussions will take place. Specialized forums may be added in the new future
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Loaded Question

Mon Apr 04, 2005 5:45 pm

Hello all

I heard a rumor recently that I will be checking out. I've been to and plan on recovering the remains of a B-25J that crashed in Northwestern Alberta to help with the restoration of the B-25 that the museum is restoring.

The rumor revolves around a supposed P-38 that landed on the ice and went through when it melted. So my question is does anyone know anything about a P-38 in a lake in Northern Alberta.

Feel free to privatly email me if you wish (gerryhagan@shaw.ca) or simply post it here. The rumor goes that a couple of divers have been to it and have seen it with their own eyes.

Thank you sincerely Gerry
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