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New Member - Colin from Ireland

Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:56 am


I very recently joined this group as an aviation historian based in Dublin, Ireland.

My current project is an attempt to document the individual histories of all Piasecki/Boeing-Vertol H-21s/V.44s constructed and I anticipate that joining this group will help advance my information in this regard. I have already obtained copies of the Individual Aircraft Record Cards (IARC) for all H-21s in USAF service and this, coupled with various Internet sources and multiple books on the topic, have established a good database starting position. Those H-21s that served outside of the U.S., both in the military and civil capacity, will obviously fall within the parameters of my research.

I am also interested in most aspects of aviation post the 1950 'prop era' and have made multiple aviation related visits to both the States and Europe to further this interest. Recently I published a book on the history of a major HF (short-wave) aeronautical communications centre based in the U.K. at Birdlip, a forerunner of the present day 'Shanwick', North Atlantic communications centre. I have been and continue to be, a keen aeronautical HF monitor since the mid-1960's.

Already I have noted some very helpful posts in connection with my H-21 research within this group and I hope we can exchange information where possible over time.


Dublin, Ireland
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