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hello to all i found this by looking at fokker DVII's

Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:49 pm

my dad was a south pacific black cat sea plane pilot...he built a fokker DVII from a rum runners plane that was crashed in woods..i saw this site and figured be a good place to share alot of my dads history picuters..i have a whole scrap book of the PBY PBM he flew in south pacific ...not today but when i get them ill share...pictures of his fokker...i havent seen t since i was a kid and ill bet money someone in this site can find it..I understand the spam problem i ran a facebook sales group for a while and my godness so many people from other countries..but its explained if they just take a dollar from 1 percent of people its over 14 million dollars so they never stop..i understand admin here under attack and shooting back.. i was raised b a fighter pilot...lol .ill try again thanks for site cant wait to look around more
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