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Greetings from Washington State...

Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:34 pm

Hello to all my new friends!

I have been lurking on this website for 10+ years, but never bestirred myself to join. Well, I fixed that!

I am a USAF veteran, my father was a navy pilot in WWII, and this all means that I luv aeroplanes. I collect vintage photos of aircraft, and have been doing so for 35 years - I will share some of the more interesting ones when the opportunity presents itself. (I do have a blog where I usually post them.)

I live in a beach shack on Washington's Whidbey Island not far from the naval air station. As one can imagine, it's not easy being a USAF veteran in these parts - I have to fight my way out of every bar in town.

Enough blathering.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, and acquiring some great information.


PS. My dad flew OS2U Kingfishers and PBY Catalinas. He's 96 now, and doing fine. He also flew for UAL from 1945-81: DC-3/4/6/7, Convair 340, 727's, and DC-10's.
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