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New arrival at WIX

Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:59 am

I see many of you have taken the time to say hello, here is my brief intro...

First off I may spell a little differently to some, my British roots still show their true "colours" from time to time ;)

11 years working in Air Traffic Control real time simulations in the UK, a marriage to an American, several years of flight training and a move with my wife and daughter to Tucson ensued in 2012 to pursue new dreams. These days the dream is not quite what I'd envisaged (divorced, and co-parenting) and life goes on and is getting better in many ways.

Since childhood I've always be drawn to aviation, and in my early years I grew up in Rwanda, Africa to the sound of a low flying twin buzzing our house to let us know the special delivery from Nirobi had arrived! These days I get a similar thrill each time something aviation related comes into my life whether it be a sailplane whistling across a runway at 100+ knots before pulling up and coming into land with pinpoint accuracy or a warbird taxiing out to takeoff at Marana (AVQ). I look forward to returning to the skies again when time and priorities allow...one day, but for now will fly vicariously through others.

A few years ago I picked up a number of vintage airplane parts and I'm seeking help to identify them, as they're either missing identifying plates or damaged. So fingers crossed I'm in the right place to get some much needed expert guidance. I also look forward to getting to know more of you as time goes by, and if you're in the Tucson area feel free to get in touch - I'll always be glad to have an excuse to connect with a fellow aviator or plane enthusiast :)

All the best,
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