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If Your new to the forums I would suggest viewing here first, especially if you would like to join the community
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Welcome to the Warbird Information Exchange

Mon May 03, 2004 4:14 pm

Hello, my name is Scott Rose and I run the Warbirds Resource Group. The WRG has several sections, one of which is the Warbird Information eXchange Forums.

What is WIX? The Warbird Information eXchange started roughly three years ago with the demise of the Warbirds Worldwide forum and its short lived replacement, the Vintage Aviation Forum. I formed the forum that evolved into the WIX in an attempt to preserve this community that had formed around those forums. The WIX has since then grown gramatically and is visited by hundreds of enthusiasts, restorers, and owners on a daily basis. We all try to help one another any way we can and generally try to further the goals of the warbird community.

Feel free to come in and look around, lurkers are welcome but feel free to post if you wish to. If you have any problems feel free to E-Mail or PM me.
Feel free to wander through the forums and join in on the discussions or create one on your own. Please view the rules section before posting.

But above all, have fun.
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