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 Post subject: Verbal Stupidity
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 4:53 am 
WRG Editor
WRG Editor
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Childishness has reared its ugly head once again with people name calling and acting like ignorant little kids. Since people cannot disagree in a civil manner I have moved an interesting and useful post into the storage hanger where no one can benefit from it. I hope those involved are proud of themselves.

If you disagree with someone, respond in a civil and intelligent manner or ignore that person. If someone posts erroneous data then post the correct data backed by your sources. Have a debate, not a rubber vs. glue snit fit that belongs in a 2nd grade schoolyard.

I HATE having to police the forums. We are adults, it shouldn't be necessary. This stupidity does nothing except inflames angers and bruises egos. It also drives people away and makes this place less enjoyable for the rest of us. If you want to get into a verbal fistfight feel free to start your own forum, it doesn't have a place here.

Scott Rose
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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2005 5:05 am 
3000+ Post Club
3000+ Post Club

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To you, Scott and to the other Wixers, my most sincere apologies.

I should know better than to lower myself to that level.

I have in the past, let a lot of things said, implied or directly said about me, go without an answer from me [you just have to read the postings in the previous months to know this is so.]

You are 100% correct in calling me to order, and I will not shy from acknowledging my responsibility in this matter.

To you, and to the other WIXers, my sincere apologies.

Tulio Soto

Why take the best part of life out of your life, when you can have life with the best part of your life in your life?

I am one of them 'futbol' people.

Will the previous owner has pics of this double cabin sample

Press "1" for English.
Press "2" to disconnect until you have learned to speak English.

Sooooo, how am I going to know to press 1 or 2, if I do not speak English????

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2005 6:43 pm 
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That's why I like this board there isn't all that flaming like on Flypast. :roll:

 Post subject: Dunce
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:54 pm 
3000+ Post Club
3000+ Post Club

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ooops..I've been informed my incident and Tulio's were separate ones.
Well, I still goofed and i've gone this far....thanx for the PM buddy. Edit

My sincerest apologies to Scott and all WIX-ers, a dumb move I won't

Broken wrench..true...same reason I like it here is the adult attitude
generally present. We have fun at times without stepping on anyones toes.
'Fraid I went too far. If I'm outta line sometime...send me a PM and let me
know it. Harv4 and I had a few PM's..and we managed to maintain civility.
I'll always try to do the correct thing...the caveman is still learning the net.

Happy Holidays folks...

He bowls overhand...He is the most interesting man in the world.
"In Peace Japan Breeds War", Eckstein, Harper and Bros., 3rd ed. 1943(1927, 1928,1942)
"Leave it to ol' Slim. I got ideas...and they're all vile, baby." South Dakota Slim
"Ahh..."The Deuce", 28,000 pounds of motherly love." quote from some Grunt on CH-37

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